VPS stands for 'Virtual private Server’ which is an advanced option for shared hosting. VPS features shared hosting, server root access, and isolated environment, added with its own copy of OS and allocated server resources, within a bigger server. The main difference between VPS hosting and another type (shared) of hosting service is that how resources are being shared. 

VPS is the advanced type of hosting service; it is the best service to use when you have ample amount of incoming traffic when you are more concern about Reliability and security & when you want to have batter control on your users. In VPS hosting, every website is hosted on a virtual private server on a more powerful hardware. On VPS each unit is capable of functioning independently as a physical machine is separated into different virtual sections, and server software is setup on them separately.

 There are four main factors when you are thinking about to choose VPS hosting. 

1. Windows vs Linux

You can choose any environment out of them according to your needs.

Note:  if your site is running on ASP.net you will need windows.

 2. Managed vs Unmanaged

As you don't get root access in shared hosting, it's not a big problem. But in the case of VPS hosting it is the imperative to factor to decide.

 3. Redundancy and Scalability

Redundancy is all about having a backup resource in place, particularly at the data center when the regular power supply stops working. While scaling is all about the ability of the system to handle the increment of sudden load.

 4. Price


I think the price is a major factor, that will play a big role while deciding if you shall move to VPS hosting services or not. There are many VPS hosting providers distributed around the globe i.e. Canadian web hosting services, VPS hosting services etc. While VPS hosting cost depends on the many other aspects like customization option, the configuration of your device etc. It's better to stay on shared hosting services if you do not have such a great traffic on your site but VPS have their own advantage, you can't run away from it.